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Hand-me-downs to
High Fashion

I grew up in the NY metropolitan area during a time (1950’s-1960’s) of major change.  That era and a desire to be just like Pollyanna shaped my view of the world and embedded in me a clear understanding of how important the way you visually present yourself really is.  My clothes were either hand-me-downs or what I was able to produce on my treadle Singer sewing machine. Understandably, finding my personal style began early on. In those times, if you dressed like a “protestor or hippie” you could easily find yourself being swept into that category whether or not it was your intent. “Boppers and Rah Rah’s,” the fashion you chose defined you. Fashion is a moving target, it’s like produce:  the better your selection, the longer it will last. Style, on the other hand is the most important aspect of how one visually presents themselves. The colors, textures, cuts and fit are critical aspects to making picture perfect, first and lasting impressions. Humans are visual creatures; blame it on the caveman. We “size” up one another and basically decide friend or foe in less than 30 seconds.  ​

“I haven’t done anything with the yellow jacket yet, but I did put french  cuffs on the jacket I was wearing when we had our Zoom meeting. I wore it the other day. It and I got rave reviews.”
Kara Jensen

I come from a long line of European clothing designers, manufacturers and tailors. In addition to those skills they also survived the worst death camps of WW2. Combining those attributes I had significant role models to “pattern” myself after. I am the first born of my generation in the entire family, which absolutely and uniquely positioned me for the leadership roles enjoyed over my 40 years in International Telecommunications.  As well enabled me to be the first Female Vice President in a prestigious Wall Street company in the mid 1980’s through gutsy resourcefulness. To survive in that masculine world it required major amounts of Style.

Style is in my Fiber

Wall Street to Beverly Hills, so why leave NY and travel cross country to killer bees, mudslides, riots and the Northridge earthquake?  Encouraged by my bi-coastal romance I packed in the NYC life and took on LA, married and had a beautiful son. Starting over in the early 1990’s was no easy feat – primitive cell phones, no internet, no Google, no digital anything …… Twenty Two years in the LA based Corporate worlds of MCI and British Telecom introducing all the technologies of communicating we now take for granted. 

A Styled Life

Restless in Corporate America when my accumulated experience, Pollyanna passion, style, and life purpose became interwoven. My new favorite words became – “I never would have put that together….but I love it!” Reworking lives by retooling wardrobes and, voila…Fashionably Wealthy was born! It’s all about confidence, presence and positivity. Being Rich in Style is a state of mind: Knowing who you are and how to best present that in a non-verbal way. 

What I do for ANY wardrobe is nothing short of amazing and more economical than a bad shopping day at the mall because we use what my clients have already invested in. I turn closets into compliments, clear mental clutter (what am I going to wear today) by streamlining the physical clutter; creating efficiency (outfits are catalogued) and outlining an easy strategy for dressing in one’s personal style, forever!

Ready for a Life Shift and Style Change custom designed for you? YES, of course you are and you are in the right place. I make it happen like no one else. Be in touch to be in Style. Click here to connect with me!

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